What The Heck Is RageOn?

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What is RageOn?

In todays article I will be answering the question “What the Heck is RageOn?” I have been using RageOn, mostly for fun, on and off since 2017.

RageOn is a Print On Demand service that allows you to quickly create products from your own photos and designs. RageOn was founded in 2013 in San Francisco. RageOn also has offices in Los Angeles and Cleveland.

I’ll give you a brief summary and some background information about RageOn and then dive into what you can do with RageOn. Then I will tell you about how I have used RageOn. This should give you a better idea of what RageOn is and how RageOn works.

I have added some of my YouTube videos that I have made focused around RageOn and how to use it at the end of this blog post.

This is a Pinterest Board I have made of products designed my me and others using the RageOn! app. https://pin.it/gzzhyyxpxmke46

RageOn! Product Types and Prices

The table below goes through the prices of all the available RageOn! products. This prices do not include shipping cost. You can click on the product name to see the most popular designs. This links are affiliate links that pay me a commission if purchase are made through them.

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This is an affiliate link for RageOn. This link pays me commission at no extra cost to you.

My RageOn Page – http://BarelyCivilizedGear.RageOn.com/?aff=HIDs

Alright! Let’s see what RageOn is all about.

What The Heck Is RageOn?

What is RageOn?

RageOn is a super easy to use phone app that allows you to create products using photos. It is set up so you can take a photo using your phone then quickly create many different products that have that photo printed on them.

RageOn was founded in 2013. RageOn’s production facility is located in Cleveland Ohio. They have a fully loaded Print-On-Demand workshop and are ready for pretty big orders.

When someone buys a product you have created you get paid and best of all it does not cost you anything! All you have to do is design and promote. RageOn prints your designs on 53 different product types. RageOn will also package and ship the product to the buyer. They do take a cut of the sale but you can still make money using RageOn.

Who Uses RageOn?

You may have heard of print-on-demand companies before. A few big player names that use RageOn to create and sell products with their designs on them.

  • The Black Eyed Peas
  • Kiss
  • Lisa Frank
  • Technodrome1
  • Larry Carlson

Along side this big names are 1000’s of normal everyday people who simply share their designs or photos on the RageOn platform. When you post a new product it gets shared on RageOn’s New feed page. Other users can Like, Super Like and comment on your post, as well as buy it.

How Long Does RageOn! Shipping Take?

In short, up to a month for standard shipping. I will break down all of RageOn’s shipping options in the table below. These times do not include the time it takes to produce the items which can take up to 10 days.

Shipping Type Days
Free Shipping (Orders Over $75 in the US) 15-20
Standard 15-20
Expedited 10-20
Premium 5-15

What Is A Super Like On RageOn?

When you Super Like a product on RageOn you get a very small commission when ever that product sells. RageOn uses Super Likes and Likes to bring the best designs to the top of the Popular page. The more Super Likes and Likes a product gets the more visibility that product will get on RageOn, this increases the likelihood that product will sell.

At this time you get 5 Super Likes to use every 4 hours. You can Super Like your own products. I suggest using your Super Likes as follows. First, on your own products. Second, on products that already are on the popular page and that you think look cool. Third, on other products you find that are just super great.

In the past when a product I have Super Liked sold I have earned about one cent. Some of these products have been very popular and sold many times. The most I have made from Super Liking a popular product is about twenty five cents. This is not the main way I have made money using RageOn.


The earlier you Super Like a product the higher your commission will be when that product sells.

How Do You Make Money Using RageOn?

There are few ways to make money using RageOn. I personally have made money using all of these.

Super Liking

As I talked about above you can make small commission on the sale of products that you have Super Liked.

Selling Your Product Designs

When a product design you have posted on RageOn sells you earn a percentage of that sale. While RageOn is free to use and sign up for they offer paid plans that increase the percentage of the sale price you earn. I will talk more about these plans in the What Are RageOn’s Plan Options section of this blog below.

If you just want to use the free plan this is what you can earn when you sell the following products.

  • T-Shirts – $3
  • Sweatshirt – $7
  • Shoes – $8
  • Onesie – $11

There are many more types of products you can create designs for, 53 in total.

RageOn Affiliate Program

This, I think, is the coolest and least taken advantage of option to make money using RageOn. You can share and promote any RageOn product design and make money!

All you have to do is add your personal affiliate text to the end of the url you want to share. When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, even if it’s not the design you linked to, you get a commission.

Best of all, you are given your own affiliate text when you sign up for the FREE PLAN! Zero investment to promote 1000’s of designs on tons of products that are printed and shipped at no cost to you! This is a great way to make money using RageOn.

How Do You Get Paid By RageOn?

RageOn requires that you have at least $50 in your available funds from your commissions to cash out. You can cash out using PayPal. Commission take 30 days from the date of the sale to move into your available funds. They do this to cover returns.

Is RageOn A Social Network?

I would say yes, but just the barebones of one. Your brand page can follow others and gain followers. There is also a comment feature under each product. These features give RageOn a Social Network feel to this Print-On-Demand app.

* My RageOn Videos *

Below are YouTube videos I have made about RageOn. Check um’ out!

RageOn App

This is a short video I made when I first started using RageOn.

How Do You Create A Product On RageOn?

Below is a video that shows every step in the product design creation process for RageOn.

How to add a product design to RageOn

This is an affiliate link for RageOn. This link pays me commission at no extra cost to you.

My RageOn Page – http://BarelyCivilizedGear.RageOn.com/?aff=HIDs

When I Sold My First RageOn Product!

I made this video right after I sold my first RageOn product.

Some Of My RageOn Products

This video is a slide show of tons of my RageOn product designs.

This is an affiliate link for RageOn. This link pays me commission at no extra cost to you.

My RageOn Page – http://BarelyCivilizedGear.RageOn.com/?aff=HIDs

I hope this article has helped answer the question “What is RageOn?â€. If I missed anything please feel free to add your question in the comments. I will answer it as soon as possible and add it to this blog post.