What the Heck Is Clickbank?


In this article I will be answering the question “What the Heck is Clickbank?” as well as dropping a few tips on how to use it. I will also briefly talk about Clickbank University, which I graduated from.

What the Heck is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate network. Affiliate networks are places you can find affiliate programs and products to promote.

Why Use Clickbank?

There are a few upsides to using an affiliate network like Clickbank.

The first it makes it easy to find affiliate offers to promote. Clickbank has a huge selection of affiliate programs to choose from.

The second it the data. Clickbank keeps track of all its affiliate programs sales data. Being able to compare existing results for different programs can be very valuable.

The third is your earning all come from the same place. If you only promote Clickbank products, keeping track of your over all clicks and conversions it is super easy. Clickbank generates reports daily with this data for all your Clickbank affiliate programs.

The forth reason is it is free to sign up. If you would like to create a Clickbank account you can do so through the link below.


My Clickbank Tips

Clickbank Tip #1

If you are new to Clickbank it is good to play around on it. Find out where things are.

The marketplace is where you will find your affiliate programs. You can search for keywords or niches you want to work with.

You can adjust your search to get different results. Clickbank keeps track of lots of different kinds of data which you can sort by when searching.

So, on to the tip. Tip # 1 is to sort your search by gravity. Gravity is Clickbanks way of averaging out all the other data into a kind of score. This is how I find the best overall affiliate programs to promote.

Clickbank Tip #2

Once you find an affiliate product you could like to promote on Clickbank there is something you need to do.

Most affiliate products on Clickbank have a special webpage set up for its affiliates. This can be found on the programs information block when searching.

I recommend checking these out as they often have promotional materials and information that can be very helpful as you go about promoting these products.

Clickbank Tip #3

Track your results.

Clickbank has an awesome reports tool that graphs and keeps track off all your sales and conversion data. I watch mine like a hawk!

Clickbank Tip #4

Save your links.

I recommend after getting your affiliate clicks that you save them on a digital notepad. Having all your affiliate links in one place can be a lifesaver.

Clickbank Tip #5

Learn from the best.

If your really want to master Clickbank there is no one better to teach you than Clickbank University.

They cover everything you could possibly need to know about Clickbank, how to use and take advantage of it.

Clickbank University it taught by 2 of Clickbanks top affiliate earners, so they really know what they are talking about.

If you would like to give Clickbank University a try my Affiliate link is below. This link pays me commissions at no extra cost to you.

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