What the Heck is Adfly?


In this article I will be answering the question “What the heck is Adfly?”. I will also speak about my personal experience using Adfly.

What the Heck is Adfly?

Adfly is a URL shortening service unlike any other I have ever found.

To truly understand Adfly you have to understand both sides of the coin.

For Publishers

While Adfly is a URL shortening service, it also attaches an ad to your link. This ad will run for 5 seconds and then can be skipped. Because an ad is show you are paid for click on your shortened URL.

For Advertisers

On the other side of the coin is advertisers. Advertisers can use Adfly to get traffic where they want it, for at least 5 seconds. For this advertisers paid Adfly.

My Experience Using Adfly

Personal I was drawn to the advertising side of Adfly. You can get a lot of traffic rather cheaply. However you need to keep in mind you only have 5 seconds to grab your traffic’s attention. After 5 seconds they can skip to their intended destination.

I use this time restriction as motivation to make my website as attractive as possible.

Note that is traffic is high volume and very cold. This traffic is not targeted in any way and has a much lower chance of conversion because of this. The more you pay for ads the more targeted they can be. That is one reason why this traffic source is so cheap.

You will really need to optimize the webpage you send this traffic. Finding a way to grab a random internet users attention is quite a daunting task. Do not spend money you can not afford to lose.

I think the best use if this kind of traffic source would be an email opt-in page with a really good freebie that most anyone would want.

I really think for the price Adfly can’t be bet. If you know of a cheaper traffic source tell me about it in the comments.

Try Out Adfly

If Adfly sounds like something you would like to try you can create an account using my affiliate link below. This link pays me commissions at no extra cost to you.

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