What is YouTube Secrets? – A $1 Beginners Affiliate Marketing Course

Getting started with affiliate marketing is exciting but it can also be confusing disorienting and just plain hard.

In today’s article I’m going to be presenting to beginner affiliate marketing course that can help you get started on your affiliate marketing journey using YouTube.

So without further ado let’s get right into it. affiliate marketing training product.

YouTube Secrets

YouTube Secrets is a course that teaches you how to make money from YouTube videos.

A major bonus to this training course is the $1 week long trial. Being about to test something like this out is a big plus. After the one week trial if you choose to continue, the course is $27 a month. There is a 60 money back guarantee.

The main idea, which is explained in more depth in the training, is create a YouTube channel, then edit and post videos in the Creative Commons to get views. You then are supposed to make money from ad sense revenue.

While this strategy is a bit outdated because of some changes in YouTube’s ad sense requirement, think adding a call to action and affiliate links in the description of these videos could work.

The major flaw with this strategy is the barriers to entry YouTube has put up. You must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours (in one year) to be able to monetize your channel with ad sense. That is why I recommend adding affiliate offers.

While this course has a flaw, there is still valuable lessons about creating and getting views on edited Creative Commons videos and a very low cost to try.

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What is included in YouTube Secrets?

Step By Step Video Lectures
  1. Welcome to making money on YouTube
  2. Video editor instructions
  3. YouTube video editor how to
  4. Adding ad free music if you want to monetize
  5. Advanced YouTube settings
  6. Advanced search
  7. Creative Commons
  8. Descriptions are very important
  9. Do not keyword spam
  10. How to add your description
  11. Importance of thumbnails
  12. Do not duplicate
  13. How to calculate earnings
  14. Vies statistical data
  15. Socialblade
  16. VidIQ
  17. Apply techniques to current videos
  18. Get your videos seen – the importance of thumbnails
  19. More views more money
  20. Message to subscribers
  21. Add an ending to your videos to get more subscribers
  22. Annotations
  24. How to write a description
  25. Keyword search with VidIQ
  26. How to monetize a successful channel
  27. Channel settings setup
  28. Can you make money on YouTube
  29. Age restriction equals no pay
  30. How to set up your account to receive monetization
  31. Live streaming
  1. 3 Keys to YouTube audience success
  2. Virtual YouTube traffic
  3. YouTube video marketing for business: tips and techniques
  4. Success in 10 steps
  5. Success attitudes
  6. Success: 30 interviews with entrepreneurs and executives
  7. 8605 Niche marketing words and phrases that sell like crazy!
  8. Niche finder mechanics
Social Media Secrets
  1. Introduction and opportunity overview
  2. The 7 steps to successfully duplicating my social media profit process
  3. Why clients will gladly pay you hundreds in not thousands of dollars each month
  4. The money proof discussion
  5. The monthly process and procedures (part 1)
  6. The monthly process and procedures (part 2)
  7. 36 ways to fail in social media
  8. How and where to find contractors
  9. The content you create
  10. 6 secret source ideas
  11. Sample client updates
  12. My lead generation strategy
  13. The 99 dollar solution
  14. Email list building explained
  15. If you were the answer…
  16. The technical benefits of SMM
  17. Easy upscales for hundreds more
  18. The CC matrix
  19. The engagement matrix
  20. Demystifying social media – TV interview
  21. Using Hootsuite for bulk upload of your social media
  22. Hootsuite rules
  23. BONUS: Shameless self promotional information

All in all I think there is good information in this course for setting up and growing a YouTube channel to make money. I think someone could easily run through the whole course, while taking good notes, in the 1 week trial period.

Below is a pros and cons list I made for YouTube Secrets.

  • 7 day $1 trial
  • 60 money back guarantee
  • teaches how to start and grow a YouTube Channel
  • teaches how to create powerful videos, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails
  • email support
  • editing tips and tricks
  • lessons on how to measure metrics, spy on your competitors and generate ideas for videos.
  • over 50 video lessons
  • 8 ebooks
  • $27 a month fee
  • out dated ad sense strategy
  • some of the YouTube lessons are also outdated
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YouTube secrets is an affiliate marketing course. While writing I am about this course, I in no way am saying you will make money using it. Any links to YouTube Secrets in this blog post are affiliate link that pay me a commission at no extra cost to you.