What Is Included In The Super Affiliate System: 6 Week Course?

Do you want to be taught affiliate marketing by someone who knows what they are doing and stands by their training? John Crestani is very successful at making money online. See what his training for affiliate marketers is all about. With 6 weeks of lessons taught by a master of online marketing this course really stands out. Check out some news articles that have featured John as well as his free webinar linked in this blog.

What is The Super Affiliate System? In this article we will review what is included in this course.

John Crestani, if you have not heard of him, is a well-know successful marketer. I was first introduced to him through one of his rather aggressive YouTube ad campaigns. While his videos of flashy cars and motorcycles kind of put me off, I have to admit when he was talking everything he said made since.

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The article will breakdown for you what is included in the Super Affiliate System 6-week course. If you would like to jump right into The Super Affiliate Systems webpage you can do so by clicking here.

What is included in The Super Affiliate System?

The Forum

After signing up for The Super Affiliate System you will have access to the community of other users. These people, most likely, will have dealt with the same bumps in the road you will. This makes this forum invaluable in saving you time and personal troubleshooting. John himself also is active on the forum.

Live Weekly Webinars

As a member you will have access to the calendar. This will keep you in the loop on when the upcoming live webinars are going to be. I highly recommend being a part of as many of these as you can. This is a great place to get your questions answered by John.

Ready to Launch Ad Campaigns

John has put together 8 ready to launch ad campaigns complete with images, sales copy, offers and how to target customers. These ad campaigns are titled – probiotic, skincare, brain enhancement, diabetes, German muscle, French diet, German diet and business opportunity.

Downloadable Ad Swipes

The Super Affiliate System has many powerful ad swipes that cover several niches. You can you this as inspiration for your own ads and sales copy. Some of these niches include – dating, gold, diet, mortgage, penny stocks, muscle and more.

Downloadable Presell Pages

These downloadable presell pages can be added your own website.

John Crestani’s Free Training

6 Week Training

In the Super Affiliate System the main idea of the course is to teach you how to make money by directing paid traffic to affiliate offers.

There is no skipping around in this training. John takes his training very seriously. He does not what you to miss a step and fail. The training in set up in a step by step order to insure you understand the system and are able to get it to work properly.

Below is a basic outline of the course and what is covered over the 6-week training.

  • Week 1 – The System Setup
  • Week 2 – Understanding the System
  • Week 3 – Marketing Skills
  • Week 4 – Facebook and Google Ads
  • Week 5 – YouTube and Native Ads
  • Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

Week 1 – The System Setup

Setting a goal.

How to join an affiliate network.

How to setup your site.

How to setup your presell page.

How to setup Facebook ads.

How to work with affiliate networks.

Week 2 – Understanding the System

The right mindset for success.

How to research your niche.

How to choose your offer.

How to choose you ad network.

Researching niches online.

How to network effectively.

Understanding intent.

Super Affiliate System
Super Affiliate System

Week 3 – Marketing Skills

How to write good copy.

Advanced copywriting.

My 17-step copywriting formula.

How to optimize ads.

Advanced optimization.

Week 4 – Facebook and Google Ads

Facebook ads.

Facebook ad compliance.

Important metrics in advertising.

Google Adwords part 1.

Google Adwords part 2.

Facebook ads w/Brian Pleiffer

Week 5 – YouTube and Native Ads

How to setup MGID native ads.

How to set up Outbrain native ads.

How to set up Volume DSP native ads.

How to set up YouTube ads.

Facebook ads w/ Tim Burd

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

Free Bonus Materials

While the 6 week training course is very good and in-depth, it is also highly focused. There are additional training course available that do not quite fit into the system but are still very good. These course are found in the Free Bonus Materials section.

There is over 24 hours of bonus training in this section.

  • Launch Jacking – Part of a Rich Jerk Course Taught by Pyong Kim
  • Authority Review Sites – Par of a Rich Jerk Course Taught by Pyong Kim
  • Facebook Ads For Affiliates – 7.5 hours of Facebook Ads Course Taught by Carlos Cruz
  • Think and Grow Rich – Influential Ebook on the Millionaire Mindset
  • Your Wish is Your Command – 12+ Hour Audio Course on The Millionaire Mindset
  • eCommerce Mastermind – Ebook and videos about eco from Aidans Mastermind
  • Wealth Factors Ebook – 23 page Ebook on Wealth and Attraction Success


I think it is pretty clear that The Super Affiliate System is a well thought out and put together affiliate marketing training course. John Crestani knows what he is talking about and has made loads of money doing what he is teaching in this course.

If you are skeptical, don’t worry, the Super Affiliate System has a 100% money back guarantee. John Crestani stands by his training and if does not meet your standards or you are not satisfied you can get a refund so do not let that hold you back.

If you would like to sign up or learn more about the Super Affiliate System you can click here. This is my affiliate link. If you do sign up using it I will be paid a commission at no extra cost to you.

John Crestani’s Free Training

How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World

John Crestani: 28-Year-Old Medical Test Subject Turned Internet Millionaire (The Full Story)

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What You Will Get In The Super Affiliate System

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