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This article explains Income School’s Project 24 passive income blog writing course. If you would like to learn a little more about Project 24 read on.

How I Found Jim And Ricky

If you are like me then you constantly yearn for financial independence. You are searching the Internet for sources of passive income. Maybe you search on Google or YouTube for ways to make money online. Well I have been doing this kind of research for years and never really found anything except flashy gurus and high ticket scams.

If you have been looking into making money online for any period of time I am sure you have seen this type of thing. Drone shots of Ferraris and other expensive cars driving around in exotic locations as people voice over the footage talking about quitting your job and traveling the world.

This type of advertisement never seemed realistic to me. If these guys are making so much money doing what they are doing why are they selling this course instead of focusing on their business. It just seemed kind of fishy. I have seen dozens of these gurus, coaches and teachers trying to pawn off their groundbreaking Internet marketing, MLM, drop shipping course on any person who has enough spare cash to waste.

I got kind of sick of this type of teacher. Though I continued to do research online for affective and realistic ways to make money on the Internet. And then something amazing happened!

One day While I was doing my normal YouTube research I came upon a YouTube video like one I have never seen before. This video gave actual advice for how one like myself could get started making an honest income using the Internet. I had found Jim and Ricky’s YouTube channel Income School.

If you have never heard of Jim and Ricky from Income School I do not blame you it is a small YouTube channel and they do not really do a lot of in your face advertising. Well, these are the same guys who are behind project 24 which is mostly what I will be talking about in this blog post.

Project 24 is a 24 month training series that Jim and Ricky have put together to walk you literally step-by-step through how to create blog websites that earn passive income. These guys do not focus on any type of black hat tactics, scams or trickery to get their sites to rank. They use honest and proven techniques to grow websites and grow their income.

Also they are not show offs. While they make a good living building blog websites they do not shove their success in your face. Often their videos are just two guys sitting at a desk and talking about actionable strategies they themselves have used and tested.

And that is one thing that really drew me to them is they were sharing things that they did themselves and had seen to be successful. If you have not already I suggest you subscribe to their YouTube channel Income School just for the valuable content that they share there.

Since I found their YouTube channel I have been watching the videos they post on it frequently for the last six months. Three months ago I started my own website, Your Helpful, based on the advice that they give in only their YouTube videos.

I think so far I have been able to grow a relatively successful website with just this advice but I have always had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I missing out on something. And I think it is time for me to take the leap and sign up for project 24 for myself. I am going to be tracking my progress with this course and sharing it with my blog readers.

So if this is something you are interested in I suggest you subscribe to my blog or bookmark this website so you can follow along as I move through the project 24 course.

Why Have I Waited So Long To Sign Up For Project 24?

Mostly it is the money. This is not a cheap course. However because I have put off joining the course I have also put off my results. If you do not know already it takes quite a bit of time for new blog content to rank on search engines. This time. Can range from three months to a full year. So the sooner you start on your blog and start posting content the sooner it will possibly rank.

“The sooner you put the seed in the ground, the sooner you harvest.” – Jim from Income School

Sadly it is taken me six months to talk myself into the necessary investment to begin work on this course. That is one of the main reasons I am writing this blog post. I want to help people who are currently stuck on the fence or do not have an exact plan or direction for how they intend to make money online.

From my research over the years I have not found another course that even slightly resembles project 24. The honesty and integrity the Jim and Ricky have put into Income School End Project 24 shines through.

That is why I want to share this course with as many people as possible who are actually interested in doing the work that it requires to create a passive source of income online and prevent them from making mistakes that Jim and Ricky have made in the past. I want to save you time and money and get you to your goal earlier. Jim and Ricky feel the same way they want you to be successful and they will teach you how.

Is Project 24 Worth It?

Project 24 costs $449 for the first year and only $199 every successive year you stay signed up. I know this seems like a lot of money but let us break this down a little.

$449 / 12 months = $37.42 per month for the first year.

$199/ 12 months = $16.58 per month after the first year.

Jim and Ricky estimate if you follow their training and put in the work you should be making

$5 a month by month #3,

$1000 a month by month #12

and $8000 per month at month #24.

This is real money that you can be making passively if you are willing to spend the money now and put in the work over the next 24 months.

Jim and Ricky do not guarantee your success. Your success is up to you. What Project 24 is offering is the correct steps to get you to success, you have to take them and the weight of your websites success is totally up to you.

Jim and Rickys Objective For Project 24 –

In 24 Months YOU Can Have A Passive Income That Earns More Than Your Day Job

If you are interested in signing up for Project 24 I would greatly appreciate it if you signed up through one of my affiliate links. I will be placing one of these links below this section and then one at the end of the blog. When people sign up through these affiliate links I do get paid a commission and it helps my blog stay alive and reach more people.

When you sign up for project 24 using any of my affiliate links it would not cost you any more money than if you just went to the Project 24 site and signed up there however, I do get paid commissions if you use them.

Thank you.

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What Is Project 24?

I have previously written a blog post on what Project 24 is. You can find a link for that blog post below.

Under this section is a YouTube video from the income school channel. In this video gym and Ricky put on a webinar for people who are interested in finding out what project 24 is all about.

As an example of the awesome and actionable advice the Jim and Ricky offer their YouTube viewers I’d like to mention the 3 year saving tips they talk about in the video above.

Year Saving Tip #1

The Content Mix.

After building several blog websites and writing 1000’s of blog posts Jim and Ricky have created a content creation strategy that is highly effective. They call it the content mix.

First you start writing what Jim and Ricky call response posts. These are 1200 to 1500 word blog posts that answer specific questions that people are likely to search for and are not very competitive. So basically you will be writing the best answer for this question that nobody else is addressing.

Second you will start writing what Jim and Ricky call staple posts. This type of post is pretty common. It is your basic 21 tips and tricks to blank kind of post. And they want you to have somewhere between 1500 and 1800 words for a post like this. This is the type of post that is commonly shared on social media.

Third you will be publicizing blog posts. This basically just means you will be sharing them on social media. They do notwant you to worry about spending money on ads to publicize Your blog posts. They mainly want you to focus on free ways to do this. Mostly you will be sharing these posts on YouTube and Pinterest for reasons we will discuss in the avoid social treadmills section of this post.

Forth you will be writing what Jim and Ricky call pillar posts. This type of blog post is often 3500 words or more and goes after big keywords in your niche.

You should write 1/3 of your content to be each type of post. For example if you plan on writing 30 blog posts, 10 should be response posts, 10 should be staple posts and 10 should be pillar posts. These posts are written in the above order to help your site rank faster.

Year Saving Tip #2

Build A Second Website

After setting up your first website, which should be an authority website, Jim and Ricky suggest setting up a second website, which should be a smaller passive niche website. Having two websites buffers you from changes and opens you up to multiple streams of income.

Year Saving Tip #3

Avoid social treadmills.

This tip has made a huge impact for me personally. I used to spend tons of time posting on every possible social media.

This tip plainly points out some social media content works better and lasts longer than others. The social media that requires constant posting and a very short content shelf life are called social treadmills.

These include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as others. After dropping these and focusing on social media that lasts I have seen a huge change.

Not only do my posts get interaction more often but they also stay visible much longer.

I now only focus on Pinterest and YouTube as my social media traffic sources. This has saved me tons of time and effort. This really is a hugely effective strategy.

What Is Included In Project 24?

  • The Project 24 Game Plan
  • 60-Step Approach to a Profitable Niche Site
    • Do the Right Things At the Right Time and Grow
  • A Podcast to Give You the Newest Techniques
    • A Members Only Podcast From Jim and Ricky
    • Cutting Edge Internet Marketing Techniques
  • A Community That Has Your Back
    • Work Through Website Problems With Project 24 Members
    • Custom Project 24 Community App
  • A Library of Courses to Know Your Stuff
    • 94 Videos
    • 123 Lessons
  • Their System To Train and Hire Writers
  • Jim and Ricky’s WordPress Premium Theme – Acabado (It’s Super Fast!)

When you sign up for project 24 using any of my affiliate links it will not cost you any more money than if you just went to the Project 24 site and signed up there, however, I do get paid commissions if you use them.

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