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Let’s learn about Mercari!


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0:45 Your Helpful Affiliate Intro music

1:00 Mercari Earnings Proofs (profit and referrals)

1:34 A Short Summary of What The Mercari App Is

2:25 How To List An Item On Mercari Step By Step

4:37 Tips For Taking Pictures For Mercari Listings

6:00 How To Promote Listings On Mercari

7:22 Selling Crafts On Mercari (For Esty Sellers)

7:49 Things I Have Bought And Sold On Mercari

8:21 Mercari Referral Program Walkthrough (breakdown)

12:07 Buying Tips For Mercari

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I have been using Mercari for years and I want to share what I have learned with you! In this video I discuss several aspects of using the Mercari app. To help you find the info you are looking for I will add titles and timestamps below. It’s all good info but feel free to skip around if you like.

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