How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Many of the people have the mindset that they need a website for affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates.

But let me tell you guys, that is simply not true!

While having a website does make affiliate marketing much easier having one is not required.

There are various strategies that can be used to do affiliate marketing without a website. There are so many benefits to using free content publishing platforms like YouTube. Many of those benefits include internal traffic and high domain and page authority with Google, which helps you to achieve S.E.O., search engine optimation, rankings.

Promotion Mediums Approved By The Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program, states the approved places you can share your affiliate links. Everything that is not on this list is thereby not approved. One work around for this is to create content on the approved platforms, add affiliate links to your content and then share that content on other platforms.

The approved places you can share Amazon affiliate links are listed below.

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Open Facebook Groups
  • Verified Twitter Accounts
  • YouTube Channels


Since you are trying to do affiliate marketing without a website the first option is off the table for you right now. I do think having a website is very useful as an affiliate marketer but if you are not ready yet some of these other options may work better for you.


When most people think of a blog they think they need their own website. These days there are platforms that allow you to create a blog without having your own website. Medium is a great example. Creating content on this platform then adding affiliate links to that content is a good way to do affiliate marketing.

Open Facebook Groups

Sharing links in these groups in not as easy as it sounds. You need to read and understand the groups rules before added links. Creating your own group is a good work around for that. Make sure there is a helpful reason for what you are sharing and that it is not spam.

Verified Twitter Accounts

Most of use do not have verified twitter accounts, but if you are lucky enough to have one you can share you affiliate links on it.

YouTube Channel

Placing affiliate links in your YouTube description is a very popular way to promote Amazon affiliate links. Many people add affiliate links for equipment they use to make their YouTube videos. You could do this as well.

Keep reading for step by step guide on how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Without a Website:

1) Choose Your Niche:

You can target many niches according to your needs. Picking a niche that suits you is important for various reasons:

– Much depends on what kind of niche you choose. If you choose a low competitive niche then it is easy to become an authority in Google’s eyes and your visitors. Niches with higher competition will be more difficult to grow authority in.

– It is important to understand the subject of the matter for the niche you choose. Once you understand the subject then it will be easy for you to write that specific topic.

2) Keyword Search:

Once you choose your niche, the second step is to find keywords which will help to rank for that niche. It is important to use buyer intent keywords in your article. It is believed that about 80% of your articles should target buyer intent keywords.

Keyword phrases are a great thing to look into when doing keyword research. You should also try and focus on what the main common questions and problems people run into in this niche. This will help you come up with content to create.

Also, check for keyword competition. We will recommend you to go for long-tail keywords. These keywords will have less traffic and also less competition For example, with this article, choosing to target: “How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Without a Website” instead of a simple “How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate” makes it much easier to rank.

3) Make Use Of Free Content Publishing Platforms:

We know that there are many benefits using a personal website but there are many more options where you can publish your content for free. These free publishing websites have their own benefits such as:

– Search Engine shows high trust and authority.

– You will get rank on these platforms as well as in search engine results

– Link building is the process which is considered as a safer to do to get your page on SERPs. You can perform classified ads submission, bookmarking submissions, promotions and more. Part of that being relatively high percentages of keyword related anchor text.

4) Write Content and Perform SEO:

Write content. It is important, for both rankings and conversion rates, that you have high-quality content. When visitors read your article, Google will use user engagement as a major ranking factor. That is the main reason why you want to make your content engaging and attractive and also provide answers to the users for what they are searching for. In general, the more keyword targeted and high-quality articles you write, the higher your chances of getting more rankings, traffic, and commissions.


Performing SEO will help you to get good rankings on SERPs. You can use many tools for your SEO. There are varieties of tools available on the internet.

5) Use Social Media Platforms:

You can use social media platforms to promote your content. As we know that social media is very powerful in today’s world. The referral traffic to your article will definitely help you to rank faster and higher on Search Engine. If you actively post updates on social media then you can easily get enough traffic.

6) Have Patience:

There are many platforms which take a lot of time to settle on Google. So don’t panic and have patience and allow them to sit. If you have done your content’s SEO very well like keyword search, content writing, promotions then you have your ranking already. but if not then it is a link building which will take time.

7) Perform Link Building:

One of the great things of publishing content on high authority free publishing sites is that they allow you to link buildings at very low risk. Here are some suggestions to be considered:

– Main Links:

These are the links that include the link like profile creation link and citations. It will help you to boost your Search Engine results. But their main purpose is to provide a link and anchor text foundation so that you can build a strong link.

– Guest Posts

Based on your quality of content and website that you use for guest posting the effectiveness of a guest posting will vary greatly.

You can go for self written content for the guest posting and confirm the website you are posting on has real search rankings by plugging it into various tools you can get on the internet. You can use this service to get the guest post for you.

8) Email Marketing:

There is nothing wrong in performing more for our website to get higher on the Search Engine. It is possible that you can have ranking without performing this step but remarketing and email marketing will allow you to expand your revenue.

Note a point that it is always a good option to link people directly to the landing page. Emailing people Amazon affiliate links is against their policy can could get you banned as an affiliate.

There are various ways that you can use your email list. You can easily inform people when you are publishing new articles. By bringing traffic and engagement to these articles they can improve the rankings and possibly get you some conversions. This works in a similar way to social media promotion.

And that is all! Just repeat these steps and soon you will be getting traffic and rankings and as long as you get rankings, you should start to see conversions.