How To Get A Low Cost Logo – Fiverr Case Study

When starting a website or new business branding is very important, however not everyone has a ton of cash to throw around when getting started.

Branding your website or business with a logo is a powerful way to gain trust with current and future customers.

When I first started looking for someone to design a custom logo for one of my first websites over 3 years ago, the prices I found ranged from $250 and up. I could not believe how expensive custom logos were.

I kept looking until I stumbled upon Fiverr.

Fiverr is more than just a place to get logos. It is the worlds largest freelancer service marketplace with over 100,000 sellers and my specialized jobs.

I have used Fiverr for things other than logos and some of the work is hit and miss, but with logo design, I am always satisfied.

I have, since getting my first logo created on Fiverr, had many more logos made with prices ranging from $5 to $35.

I, just today started a job on Fiverr to have a logo created for this very website. It cost $5 plus and $2 Fiverr fee for a total of $7. This logo job should be completed with in the next 24 hours.

As the job progress I will update this blog to show how to I did it.

Ordering A Logo On Fiverr

To place an order on Fiverr you must first be a member.

If you have not signed up yet, it is very easy to do.

You can sign up through my affiliate link here or visit the Fiverr website yourself.

Once you have signed up you can start looking for logo designers by under popular services.

As I said before there are many different sellers on this marketplace, so you may want to look around for a while to find the style you are looking for. Sellers have a portfolio of their past work on each job listing. Looking through these will help you find the right seller for you.

A few things to pay attention to are.

  • Your budget and the price of the listing
  • The past work of the seller
  • The sellers reviews and number of jobs completed
  • What the listing actually offers (so are different than others)
  • Time to complete the job
  • The number of revisions for your logo
  • File types you need for you business or website

Once you have found a job and seller you like you can contact the seller to make sure they are up for the job. I do this to save myself some time.

When you are ready order the job. You will be taken to a payment page and the asked to enter in the requirements the seller has for the job. These are often thing they need to know to understand what you are looking for.

Now you just wait.

You will be notified when the job and complete and be able to download your new logo. If you do not like something about it, this is where knowing you have revisions comes in handy. I always make sure have get at least 2 revision.

Thats about it! Easy, cheap and good looking logos made custom for you and fast. This is why I always go to Fiverr for my logo designs.

Part 2: The Case Study

In this part of the article I’m going to be walking you through my recent experience ordering a low cost logo on Fiverr.

Finding a Seller

To start this search off I went on the Fiverr app, found the popular services section and tapped on logo design.

Right away I get results that look good but the prices range from $20 to $395! Since the point of this case study is to get a low cost logo, I need to change my search result to filter out higher cost listings.

To do this I tapped on the icon in the top right corner of the app. This is the Refine tool. I added the price range $5 to $10 and tapped apply in the top right corner.

I only looked at logo design jobs for $5.

I spent about 15 minutes looking at different sellers and their portfolios until I settled on one I liked. This is what the listing looks like.

Low cost logo from Fiverr

Ordering My Logo

Ordering something on Fiverr is really easy. Once you have found what you want to order, click the green continue button on the listing.

You may be offer up sells after this. I am trying so spend as little as possible so I just hit continue again.

This will take you to the payment page. I use PayPal when ordering off of Fiverr, it makes it fast and easy. You can also pay with a credit or debit card.

After I entered my info I tapped pay now.

Order Requirements

After paying for your order you will be asked to fill out the order requirements. This is where you communicate your vision of your logo.

This is what mine looked like.

Fiverr logo ordering requirements

Now I just sat back and waited. After only 5 hours I had my first logo concept images. They looked like this.


While this logo looks very nice there where somethings I wanted changed. The first modification I asked for was to make the whole hand fit in the grey box. I also asked for my slogan to be shortened.

After a few hours I got these images sent to me.

These were almost perfect. I asked for one more thing to be fixed. I wanted him to add .com to the logo. He did this happily and rather quickly.

Finally I had my logo, it looks like this below.


All in all getting a slick logo for less than a value meal and having it delivered in less than 24 hours is pretty awesome.

If you would like to have a logo created using Fiverr you can do so my clicking through my affiliate link here.

This link does pay me a commission at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for reading my article!

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