How To Edit Photos For Affiliate Marketing For Free

I use three free phone apps to help me find and edit photos. I use these edited photos for affiliate marketing. The main thing I do to edit photos is add text overlay.

Images with text overlay can be very effective!

App I will be talking about in this post are –

  • Pixabay
  • Add Text To Photos
  • Canva – For Stunning Images With Text Overlay!

Lets dive into these apps.


The first app is called Pixabay.

This app allows you to download royalty free photos at no cost. You can also use their website

Pixabay makes it easy to find photos with their search bar and thousands of photos to pick from.

Once I have found a photo I like I download it to my phone and edit it in the next app.

Add Text To Photos

This app is called “add text to photos” and as the name suggests it lets you add text to photos.

This is my simple two step process. Get free photos and add text to them to use for advertising, blogs and more.

You can also crop photos with it.

The cropping feature has come in more handy than I first expected. I use it all the time. In fact thats all I use this app for since I have stared using the next free app to add text to my pictures.

Canva – For Stunning Images With Text Overlay!

I have started testing out a new photo editing phone app called Canva.

I have become a huge fan of Canva in a short period of time. I am using it more than once everyday.

Canva it a very advanced photo editor that and be used by anyone.

Adding eye catching text to your photos in Canva it pretty easy and kind of fun.

You can use Canva on your phone using their free app or on your computer using their website.

I recommend checking it out.

If you would like to try Canva out you can do so by clicking on my affiliate link below.

This affiliate link pays me commissions at not extra cost to you.

The link above will give you a 30 day free trial of Canva Pro. If that is not for you you can still register for a free account, which is what I am currently using.

In the blog post below I go more in depth into what Canva is.