Can You Share Amazon Affiliate Links on WhatsApp?

Affiliate marketers are always trying to get maximum exposure to their affiliate links. Due to the same reason, we often see how they share Amazon affiliate links on social media networks and IM platforms. If you are reading this, you must be wondering whether it is fine to share Amazon affiliatelinks on WhatsApp. Keep on reading and you can figure out the truth. 

Is it Safe to Share Direct Affiliate Links on WhatsApp?

No, you should not share the direct Amazon affiliate links on WhatsApp. If you do this, there is a high possibility for you to get banned. It is completely natural for you to get the temptation to proceed with sharing the Amazon affiliate links with friends and family members using WhatsApp. That’s because you know that they will support you by purchasing what you offer. Stop and think for a moment before moving forward with such an action. Is getting a sale from a friend worth losing your ability to be an affiliate for Amazon? I strongly suggest that it is not worth it.

When you sign up as an Amazon affiliate, you will need to make some sales before you complete the 90-day period. Due to the same reason, some people may try to go ahead with this method and get the support of people they know. However, you shouldn’t be going forward with it. 

When you generate sales by sharing the Amazon affiliate link through WhatsApp, you will not be able to get any money credited to the account. If you continue to do this, you will get banned. That’s why you should not even think about it. 

Amazon affiliate program is intelligent enough to figure out how you are sharing affiliate links. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t share Amazon affiliate links on WhatsApp. Apart from WhatsApp, you should not be using any other IM platform to promote Amazon affiliate links. Sending out the Amazon affiliate links via emails is not recommended as well. 

How Benefit from WhatsApp for Affiliate Marketing? 

Even though Amazon affiliate program doesn’t allow you to share the affiliate links directly on WhatsApp, you have many other options available to receive the benefits and move forward with affiliate marketing efforts. Here are some of the best methods available to consider. 

– Share Links To Your Blog with Your Contacts via WhatsApp 

As an affiliate marketer, you should have a blog or a website, where you share the Amazon affiliate links. By doing this you will be sharing your Amazon affiliate links in the legitimate way by directing people blogs and websites. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it getting you banned from the Amazon affiliate program. 

If you want to get your friends, family members, and colleagues to purchase through your Amazon affiliate links and benefit you, you can think about sharing these blogs with you via WhatsApp. Instead of just sending them a link, I encouraged you to include a short personalized message as well. If you are sharing your website or blog link with a non-technical person, it is better if you can focus more on sharing some additional information with that person as well. Then you can increase the overall chances that you have to get that person to visit your website links and purchase from your links. 

Amazon will not look at this as an illegitimate practice. Hence, you don’t need to risk your account from getting banned. By moving forward with this small change in your affiliate marketing strategy will help protect you from losing access to the Amazon affiliate program.

– Share Links to Your Blog with WhatsApp Groups 

Another great method to help you get more sales through Amazon affiliate links is to share your blog or website links on WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp groups have created vibrant communities. You have two different options available to consider. Either you can create your own group and invite people to join it. Or else, you can locate a group where people show an interest in your niche, products, or services.

If you are going to create your own WhatsApp group, you shouldn’t use it to share direct Amazon affiliate links as I have stated before. Instead, you must think about sharing valuable and related content with the people who have joined the group. Then you can grow their interest in your group. This can deliver amazing benefits for your affiliate marketing efforts in the long run. By creating powerful content that people interested in your niche would like and including Amazon affiliate links within your content that link to relevant products you will be on the right track.

People who are looking forward to sharing links to their website or blog that have Amazon affiliate links on a WhatsApp group managed by someone else should be extra careful. For example, you should go through the group rules and regulations before you post your links. Some of the groups don’t allow the members to spam the community with links. You should not publish your website or blog URL on such WhatsApp groups. It is better if you can double-check that this kind of link posting follows the rules of the WhatsApp group and proceed with joining it. Then you can receive maximum benefits out of posting links in a WhatsApp group. 

Do not waste your time trying to post in groups that have nothing to do with your links. Targeting is very important. If some good groups that allow you to post your links and also match up with your niche you are on the right track.

– Create a Business WhatsApp Account and Send Messages to Prospects

You can think about creating a business WhatsApp account as well. Then you can start promoting with the help of WhatsApp. In other words, you can get a number list of prospects. Then you can share your blog or website URL with them. It is important to keep in mind that you should only be sharing your website or blog links. You should never be sharing the Amazon affiliate links directly on Whatsapp. You can share blog post links that contain Amazon affiliate links.

It is better if you can give something to the audience before you tempt them to click on the links that you share. This is a win-win strategy, which can benefit both parties. For example, you can think about sharing a valuable eBook or a trial version of a product. You could also share helpful information with your prospects to grow trust and report.

– Share Links to Your YouTube Videos on WhatsApp

If you do not have a website or blog that you can share with people on WhatsApp, using a YouTube channel is a great alternative. If you do not yet have a YouTube channel it is free to create one. Once you have set up your channel you can create videos that relate to what you are trying to promote. In the description of you YouTube videos you can include your Amazon affiliate links. From there you can share the links to these videos using WhatsApp. Not only is this a way to share your affiliate links using WhatsApp but it also opens you up to the traffic available on YouTube.

Take a look at these methods and learn how to get the most out of WhatsApp for your Amazon affiliate marketing efforts.