Best Practices Affiliate Links (Placement and Disclosure)

Affiliate marketing is just awesome, but you want to make sure you are doing it right. In this post I will talk about the best practices for placing and disclosing affiliate links.

Short Answer

Any time you have an affiliate link you should let your audience know what it is. This can be done very simply. Before the link include a message explain that the link below is an affiliate link and also let them know that you earn commissions from that link.

As far as where you should put your affiliate links, I say any where you want. If it makes since to link to something that will help your audience go for it. If you happen to be an affiliate, that is even better.

Affiliate Link Disclosure Guidelines

You can find the FTC’s on affiliate link disclosure below. The FTC is the Federal Trade Commission. They oversee Advertising which affiliate marking falls under.

The FTC Disclosure guidelines –

Ways to Add Affiliate Links to Content

I wrote another blog post which tell 3 different ways you can add affiliate links to your content which I have linked to below.