Best 3 Ways To Disclose and Add Affiliate Links (With Examples)

Trying to figure out how to add affiliate links to your content can be tricky. In this blog post I will show you several ways you can add affiliate links to your content.


In this blog post I will be showing you several examples of how you can format and add affiliate links to your content. I will be using my favorite online course as an example. The links to this course are my affiliate links and I do highly recommend this course.

Rules For Posting Affiliate Links

Before I start showing you different ways to an affiliate links to your content I would like to direct you to the location of the rules for posting affiliate links.

The FTC Disclosure guidelines –

The Direct Link

This message is pretty simple. Basically you give a brief introduction of what the link is and where it will send people and then add your affiliate disclaimer and post the link underneath it.

For example:

There are a lot of online courses out there claiming that they can teach you how to make a passive income online but I have never found one like Project 24. Project 24 is the most honest and reasonable online course I have ever encountered. If you are interested in learning how to make a full-time passive income from a blog website I suggest you check out project 24.

The link below is my affiliate link for a project 24. If you sign up through this link I will earn a commission.

The Click Here

For this method you can create a hyperlink over the word here to link out to your affiliate. You should still tell people what they are clicking on and we it will send them and include your affiliate disclaimer.

For example:

Project 24 is an awesome online course teaches you how to make a passive income within 24 months writing blog posts. It is my number one recommendation for anyone interested in making money online. I do want you to know that there is a heavy investment ($449) as well as a lot of work required but I believe it is well worth it.

Blue is my affiliate link for project 24 which earns me commissions when people make purchases when they click through it.

You can learn more about project 24 and sign up for the course by clicking HERE.

The Call To Action

In this method you create a hyperlink over text which is a simple call to action for your affiliate offer. Of course you will add an affiliate disclaimer before it.

For example:

The link below is an affiliate link which pays me commissions if a purchase is made using it.

Sign Up For Project 24


Choosing which one of these you like the most is really a personal choice. In fact you can alternate between them depending upon how you feel your content should look. You can also use these techniques to link out to resources and other websites that are specifically affiliate links.


I talked a lot in this article of our project 24. I just kind of needed an example affiliate link to show. However I do very much recommend project 24 to anyone interested in making a living using the Internet who is willing to put the work in.

If you would like to learn more about project 24 I have written a couple blog post about it. There will be links for those blog post below.