An Honest, Long Term Builderall Users Review

I asked a friend of my who has been using Builderall for years to write a short review of the Builderall platform. He gladly agreed and sent me the following article. Read on to learn about his past experience with Builderall as well as the following Buildall tools.

  • Cheetah Builder
  • Mailingboss
  • WordPress Plug-in
  • Magento
  • Magazine Builder
  • eLerning App

He also discusses how he has made money using BuilderAll as well as tactics others use at the end of this post.

Builderall Review From A Frequent User

Imagine if you could build your perfect website, launch an amazing Ecommerce store, start on online course, design a digital magazine, and send emails to subscribers all in the same place! What if I told you that you could. Let me explain how I’m this Builderall review.

So here’s the catch, all those tools will only cost $300/month! Not too shabby. How about if I told you that you can get everything plus more for only $69.90/month with Builderall!

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an all in 1 platform that includes everything you need for your business to grow it properly. The company was started by Erick Salgado in 2011 in Brazil. It entered the US market In 2017 with their headquarters in Orlando, FL.

I’ve been a member of Builderall since late 2017. Honestly I’m not sure why I didn’t cancel then. The Builderall 1.0 platform had so many glitches and bugs at the time. It was almost impossible to use many of the features. I stuck it out however and it has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business and online career in general.

Since 2017 there have been 2 major overhauls with the system, Builderall 2.0 and Builderall 3.0. Each making it better for the user. That is one of the best things about Builderall. They listen to their customers concerns and are committed to developing the best platform on the planet.

Builderall Tools

For the last 3 years Builderall’s flagship website builder was the pixel perfect builder. It was not very beginner friendly and worst of all was outdated technology. Builderall heard its users and built an innovative replacement- The Cheetah Builder.

Cheetah Builder

As of 2019 they moved on to the Cheetah Responsive builder. This builder boasts a score of 97 performance grade and 93 speed grade for mobile when tested at A common knock on Builderall at one point was they are a jack of all trades and master of none. I guess you can say they just mastered their website/funnel builder.

Email Automation – Mailingboss

Mailingboss is Builderall’s email automation software. It has had its rough patches in the past but in true Builderall fashion they identified their downfall and made it better. In the early days because of the affordable price, Mailingboss was abused by spammers. This downgraded the softwares reputation. Now Builderall is mandatory double opt-ins for subscribers. This feature will ensure you are getting engaged subscribers and help your domain score overall, ultimately getting more emails to the inbox and reducing spamming.

WordPress plug-in

If you are a die hard WordPress user, no worries, you don’t have to give it up. You can simply launch a WordPress blog right inside Builderall and easily integrate it with Mailingboss. Opt in pages and funnels can be made with the Cheetah Builder and then linked to your WordPress site. If WordPress is a little too complicated for you to figure out, Builderall is working on their own blogging feature right inside of the platform.

Builderall’s Ecommerce Platform – Magento

Builderall uses an open source platform called Magento for their Ecommerce. Magento is a well respected Ecommerce giant with top brands such as Ford, Landrover, Olympus, Jaguar And Vizio all using their services. Magento has a bit of a learning curve so expect to take some time to learn how everything works.

Magazine Builder

The magazine builder is one of my favorite tools of late. With Builderall you can make as many magazines as you want. Some companies put a limit on how many you can create and even include their company branding. With Builderall you don’t have to worry about that.

I put out a monthly digital entrepreneur magazine showcasing blog articles and a featured entrepreneur who is running a successful online business. With me featuring another well respected entrepreneur, they are likely to share the magazine with their following. This ultimately brings me new leads that click on my ads within the magazine. More people visit my blog now than before because they click my links in this magazine. Check it out here –

eLearning App

Builderall just overhauled their eLearning app so you can host your own digital course. No more paying 3rd party fees or earning a fraction of your asking price because said platform decided to have a flash sale. You are in control of the pricing structure and you keep 100% of the sales. Furthermore, Builderall let’s you set up a super checkout which allows you to have a way to pay affiliates for selling your course.

How to Make Money With Builderall

The possibilities are endless to make money with Builderall. You can literally start a social media marketing agency with all the tools you have access to. 

Me personally, I design websites for clients using Builderall. Not only do I charge a one time design fee but I also charge a monthly hosting and maintenance fee. 

The 2nd way I earn money with Builderall is with their affiliate program. If someone joins Builderall using my affiliate link I will earn 100% commission from that sale for the 1st month. Then I will earn an additional 30% every month the user stays active. On top of that the affiliate program has a 2 tier structure, meaning I’ll earn another 30% from my downline starting the 2nd month. 

Try BuilderAll Free

If you would like try BuilderAll out free for 14 Days click my affiliate link below. This affiliate does earn me commissions.

Your BuilderAll Experience?

Let me know in the comments section about your experience with Builderall.