9 Best Cashback App Referral Programs

Cash back applications can be downloaded on your phone. When you shop with the partners of the cash back app they pay you cash back.

The cashback applications referral programs I will be talking about in this blog are:

  1. Ebates
  2. Dosh
  3. Ibotta
  4. Fetch Rewards
  5. GetUpside
  6. BeFrugal
  7. Swagbucks
  8. TopCashBack
  9. Checkout 51

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Best 9 Cashback App Referral Programs Sign Up Links 

If you would like to try any of these cash back programs, below are my personal affiliate or referral links, they earn me a commission at no extra cost to you.

Ebates – https://go.ebat.es/vmJNOGw9xT

Dosh – https://link.dosh.cash/KEVINS249

Ibotta – https://ibotta.com/r/xqloova         

Fetch Rewards – https://bit.ly/2G0vEtZ

Get Upside – https://www.getupside.com   Sign Up Code – W9GNB

BeFrugal – https://www.befrugal.com/rs/ILDHHLK/

Swagbucks – https://www.swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=32532277&cmp=197&cxid=2001-app

TopCashBack – https://www.topcashback.com/ref/member217996510459

Checkout 51 – https://checkout51.app.link/ykT1xJdtdU

9 Best Cashback App Referral Programs

In an earlier blog post, I answered the 20 most commonly asked questions about Ebates. – https://yourhelpfulaffiliate.home.blog/2019/08/19/ebates-review-in-20-questions-2019/

Cash Back Apps Sign Up Bonuses

The first thing I would like to compare between these cashback applications is their sign up bonuses because they are different.

Ebates Sign Up Bonus

Ebates offers $10 for anyone who is a new user, signs up and makes a qualifying purchase using the Ebates app of at least $25 within 90 days of signing up.

Dosh Sign Up Bonus

Dosh has a signup bonus that works a little differently. Dosh gives you a $5 bonus for adding your first credit or debit card information to your Dosh accounting on the app. Doing this also makes it easier for Dosh to get you cashback while shopping with that card.

Ibotta Sign Up Bonus

Ibotta offers a $10 welcome bonus. You can use the code XQLOOVA to get that sign up bonus.

Fetch Rewards Sign Up Bonus

Fetch Rewards offer a 2000 “points” sign up bonus after you scan your first receipt. You can use the signup code K4FFG to get this bonus. 5000 “points” can be exchanged for a $5 gift card.

GetUpside Sign Up Bonus

GetUpside offers an extra $0.15/gal cash back on their first use. You can use the GetUpside referral code W9GNB to get this sign up bonus.

BeFugal Sign Up Bonus

BeFugal offers a $10 sign up bonus. This bonus is payable when new members earn $10 in cashback using BeFugal. BeFugal also has a free product referral offer. Funds can be withdrawn from BeFugal once you have a minimum balance of $25. Funds can be withdrawn by check, PayPal or Amazon gift card.

Swagbucks Sign Up Bonus

Swagbucks offers 150 “Swagbucks†Sign Up bonus. You can earn more Swagbucks by answering survey questions, using coupons for Swagbucks and other fun things. One Swagbuck is equivalent to one cent. Swagbucks can be exchanged for cash through PayPal, gift cards and even products.

TopCashBack Sign Up Bonus

TopCashBack does not offer a signup bonus but is a very good cashback application.

Checkout 51 Sign Up Bonus

Checkout 51 offers a $5 sign up bonus.

Cash Back Apps Referral Bonuses

On the flip-side of the signup bonuses is the referral bonus. When you sign up for any of these apps they will give you a URL and/or a signup code you can share with friends and family. When someone signs up using your URL and meets the qualifications mentioned earlier, you get a referral bonus.

Ebates Referral Bonus

For Ebates the referral bonus is $25.

Dosh Referral Bonus

For Dosh the referral bonus is $5.

Ibotta Referral Bonus

For Ibotta the referral bonus is $5.

Fetch Rewards Referral Bonus

For Fetch Rewards, the referral bonus is 2000 “points”.

GetUpside Referral Bonus

For GetUpside the referral bonus is $0.15/gal based on referrals first gas payment plus $0.01/gal on any following gas payments.

BeFrugal Referral Bonus

For BeFrugal the referral bonus is $10 when the person who signed up earns $10 within 1 year of signing up. You can also earn $10 when someone completes a free product offer from BeFugal.

Swagbucks Referral Bonus

For Swagbucks the referral bonus is 10% of your referrals Swagbucks earning for life!

TopCashBack Referral Bonus

For TopCashBack the referral bonus is $10, however, the person who signed up through your link must earn at least $10 cashback before you get your bonus.

Checkout 51 Referral Bonus

For Checkout 51 the referral bonus is $10.

Cash Back Apps Referral Codes

Dosh referral code – KEVINS249

Ibotta referral code – XQLOOVA

Fetch referral code – K4FFG

GetUpside referral code – W9GNB

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