3 Uncommon Tips to Write Longer and Better Blog Posts


Writing a blog post can be a lot of work especially if you do it frequently. Trying to create the best content you possibly can really takes a lot of energy. That’s why I’ve written this blog post to share my three best tips on creating longer and better blog posts.

If you prefer video over reading you can watch the video below. It covers most of the same information. I do suggest looking at the steps at the end of the blog. This information is not in the video.

First Tip For Writing Longer and Better Blog Posts

The first tip may not seem like a very big deal but it’s had a huge effect on my blogs length and quality. So what’s the first tip?

I’ll get into that in just one second. First I want to tell you what I was doing before implementing the strategy. When I started a new blog post I would write the title and then write as much of the article is I could.

This would often leave me exhausted my blog post disorganized and lacking helpful information that I forgot to put in there. So what big change did I make?

Now when I start a new blog post I’ll write the title and then I will write every subheading I will use in the blog. This makes sure that everything is in the right order and gives me a basic outline for the blog itself.

Once I’ve written my title at all my subheadings I start writing the blog content. It’s a much easier process. Now when I finish a section of the blog post I know what the next one is going to be. This increases the length and quality of the blog since it’s more organized and complete.

Second Tip For Writing Longer and Better Blog Posts

My second tip for writing better and longer blog posts is really pretty cool. As a person with dyslexia typing can be rather difficult and strange problems can arise. That’s why I really like this tip I think it can work for most people but I definitely think it will help people with dyslexia. So what’s the second tip?

The second tip is using a voice to text feature on your phone to write your blog posts. It’s actually how I’m currently writing this blog post. Every sentence has been spoken at my phone. Not only does this decrease spelling errors but it also magically increases my blogs word count.

When typing on just a computer or your phone writing a blog post your brain can get very tired, your hands can get very tired and you can just get burnt out. This strategy allows you to have a direct connection to the vocal part of your brain. Speaking your blog posts also makes them slightly more readable as it’s more of a conversation then just static information.

While using speech to text to write blog post does come with some problems most of them could be fixed by quickly proofreading and editing the blog post before you publish it. This problem is actually partially solved by tip number three.

Third Tip For Writing Longer and Better Blog Posts

Tip number three saves me a lot of time and energy when I proof read my blog posts. As a person with dyslexia it is a little more difficult for me to spot misspellings or grammatical errors so this helps me find those spots in my blog that just don’t sound right and fix that before it’s published. So what’s tip number three?

Tip number three is the inverse of tip number two. It’s using a text to speech feature to have a robot read your blog to you. This feature comes free on iPhones and I’ll show you how to activate it through the pictures below.

Just hearing your blog post being read to you can really bring out the parts that are good and the parts that are bad. Doing this will also save you a ton of brain power and keep you from straining your eyes staring at a computer screen or your phone for long periods of time.

It’s pretty easy all you have to do is highlight the text you would like read and then select speak in the options that come up and it won’t read the text to you. While you’re listening to it make spot changes and edits so that it sounds better.

Finding the speak option is a little tricky. I’ll show you where to find it in the images below.


If someone had suggested these three tips to me when I first started writing a blog I don’t think I would’ve taken them seriously. But now that I’ve actually seen the effect they can have on my content I wouldn’t do it any other way. I hope these three tips will help you write longer and better blog posts because they sure have helped me!

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